Coconut Oil, MCT's, and Ketosis

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Everyone has heard about the many miracles of Coconut Oil. From anti-bacterial, to anti-aging, coconut oil has a wide variety of benefits, and uses. One of the main benefits from coconut oil is that it contains MCT's or Medium Chain Triglycerides

MCT's are Medium chain fatty acids that your body can convert to energy faster than more common Long Chain Triglycerides. These fatty acids also aid in fat burning weight loss. This is done by increasing Ketone Production in the body.

What are Ketones? Our bodies normally run on glucose, that’s produced when the body breaks down carbohydrates. When your body doesn’t have enough glucose, or insulin to use the glucose, your body starts breaking down fats for energy. Ketones are byproducts of this breakdown. This is called putting your body in a state of Ketosis. This will cause your body to burn fat for energy over sugars. 

Many people have had success in losing weight with Ketogenic Diets that put your body in this state. Along with the strict Ketogenic diet you can use supplements such as MCT Oil derived from coconuts to boost Ketosis.

Natural Force's MCT Oil is responsibly sourced from Organic Coconuts in the Philippines and is Non GMO Project Verified. It also contains highly beneficial Lauric Acid (a powerful MCT found in mothers milk), something that is stripped out of most other MCT Oil on The Market. Natural Force's MCT Oil has a 30% Lauric Acid Content. One of the reasons it is The Best MCT Oil available.

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