Holiday Detox

Now that we have all stuffed ourselves over Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about the New Year and New Years Eve. This is the last hooray for the holidays. One final blow out to bing out on snacks, munchies and junk food. Not to mention the alcohol that may be involved! So, what is a person to do that is thinking about starting the new year out right? Someone that wants to get after their goals and become the best version of themselves they can be in the coming year. Well, thats where this “Holiday Detox” combo comes in handy. Not only will it detoxify your body and promote your gut health, but you can even prevent some of these harmful effects from happening, even when eating junk foods and drinking alcohol.

First thing is first, we need to eliminate all that bloat from those holiday meals. Bloating is uncomfortable and unsightly, it’s something that we all suffer with from time to time and something that can be linked to an array of digestive disorders. It can also be caused by food intolerances, a build-up of digestive gases, and over-consumption of low quality foods. If your body is retaining water then this can build-up around the waist and give you an instant beer belly. Fluid retention like this can be caused by excessive consumption of salty foods, as sodium forces the body to retain water. If you believe that fluid retention is causing your bloating then reduce the salt in your diet and you’ll notice results within a day or two. If you are intolerant or allergic to certain foods then you may experience bloating more often. Such is the case with people who are intolerant of gluten and dairy, but it can also occur with other foods. The only cure is to find the problem ingredient and kick it out of your diet.

So whats the answer? The one that me and 277,000 other people found was Detox Organics! This is an all natural, 100% organic, 3-phase plant supplement that has been specifically formulated to reduce bloat. It works so well that customers have repeatedly said they are bloat free after just one or two doses! So how does it work? Well, it is all down to their unique 3-phase blend. Phase one is a “Detoxifying & Cleansing Blend” containing ingredients like wheatgrass, chlorella and horseradish tree leaf help to detox the body of environmental toxins found in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Then the addition of peppermint leaf, barley grass and alfalfa help to support the detox and calm the stomach.

The second phase or “Alkalizing & Energy Blend” of this Daily Superfood Detox helps to nourish the body and alkalize stomach acid, calming digestion while supporting the release of energy-boosting nutrients. In other words, it dampens the fire in your gut and lights a new one in your soul! The final phase or “Digestive Support Blend” of this detox is essential to supporting weight loss and overall wellbeing, but it’s also where the source of your bloating is targeted and remedied. It contains dandelion root to eliminate water retention, turmeric root to reduce inflammation, aloe vera to target constipation and fennel seed to reduce excess gas. Making it the ultimate debloating digestive supplement on the market!

Those were only a select few ingredients of the 25 superfoods present in Detox Organics. Thats the equivalent of 10 pounds of raw vegetables! This supplement is just one of the best overall health supplements out there. It’s blend of detoxing, debloating, alkalizing and energizing properties truly set it apart from the crowd.

While that can cover the foods and toxins that you have already put in your body, what can be done when you know you are going to eat food with poor quality, be exposed to toxins, or maybe even just having a few drinks on New Years eve? That is where the Emergency Detox comes in. This is activated coconut charcoal that can quickly eliminate gas and bloat from eating or drinking foods that don’t agree with you. Not only that, but it can lessen, relieve and even prevent hangovers from the over-consumption of alcohol. Charcoal is also know to eliminate toxins from exposure to bad air and mold. It can even eliminate food poisoning by binding to toxins and bad bacteria, forcing it out of your gut and intestines.

Even though activated charcoal is mainly used to remove toxins from the body it is also great for many other purposes. You can take it when you eat out at restaurants or eat low quality foods like processed junk foods. Take it with bad coffee, though it wont fix the problem it can help. Opening a capsule on your toothbrush does amazing things for those stained coffee teeth. Emergency Detox is also helpful for jet lag and once again it is particularly helpful to take when drinking. Blocking some of alcohols negative effects and maybe even prevent a hangover.

I find that these supplements are the natural keys to detoxing from the holidays and staying strong into the new year. You can use these great supplements and find out the benefits for yourself just like me and over 277,000 others. The Daily Superfoods will help to eliminate existing toxins, damage and bloating, while the Emergency Detox is there for the times you want to have your cake and eat it too, literally! It’s great for when you eat cake! Anyway, hopefully these supplements can guide you on the path to a better you, like they have done for so many others. You can now Save 15% on all Detox Organics products with Code: Brando at checkout! Plus, there is a money back guarantee, so there is no reason not to try out these amazing supplements!

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